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Jay Gilday

Born and raised in Yellowknife Northwest Territories, Jay Gilday is quickly becoming one of the great examples of powerful music that has always flowed like an ice cold river out of the great North. With a strong voice given to him by his family, Gilday writes folk music for the generations past and future, always with a strong eye on the morals of man and the world we have created for ourselves.

Gilday writes about the conflict between his own desires for a peaceful life and the life of someone struggling to make the world a better place.

"Living a full life is not always the 'easiest' life and I think alot of the younger generations are having a hard time finding the harder path that will make their lives full. There are so many struggles going on in the world that it's sometimes hard to figure out which one is yours and what you need to do to give your life meaning."

Performer Schedule

In 2010, Jay Gilday appeared in

  • Beer Garden Show - Sunday at 2:00pm in the Beer Garden
  • Concert - Sunday at 5:00pm on the Canadian North Mainstage