FOTR Committees

Folk on the Rocks is supported by various committees that work throughout the year to ensure the organization is working to improve itself and make the Festival better each and every year. We believe input from the community is important, which is why many of our committees have requirements for you to be involved. In addition to being part of the driving force behind Folk, Committee Members are also given a free weekend pass for the Festival, so if one of the Committees listed below intrigues you, please contact the Chair to inquire if they’re still looking for volunteers.


Standing Committees of the Board:

Human Resources: meets as necessary to carry out the annual performance review of the Executive Producer and manage any human resource issues that may arise.

Chair: Ryan Fequet

Finance: meets monthly and is responsible for the financial oversight of the organization, ensuring proper financial controls are in place, assisting in the budgeting process, and brainstorming innovative ways to improve financial systems.

Chair: Angela Love


Operational Committees

Selections: meets weekly to discuss the performers for the upcoming Festival.

Chair: Andrew Livingstone

Marketing: meets weekly to discuss promotion and marketing strategy for the Festival.

Site Improvements Committee: meets as needed to discuss improvements and safety of FOTR site infrastructure.

Chair: Ryan Fequet