FOTR Commitment to Accessibility 2023

FOTR Commitment to Accessibility 2023

Folk On The Rocks is committed to improving the accessibility of our festival by trying to lessen or remove barriers to entry. Below is a list of some of the services that we provide. 


FOTR offers free admission for support persons helping someone with mobility needs or a disability to attend the Festival through an Accessibility Pass. Please reach out to if you require an Accessibility Pass.


FOTR offers the Friends of Folk Discount to those in our community who would like to attend the Festival but who might otherwise be unable to because of financial barriers. Please email to discuss the Friends of Folk discount for you or a family you know. 


Service Animals are welcome with the appropriate visual indicators on the animal (harness, ID handkerchief, ID card). No other pets are allowed on site - we love our furry friends, but for the safety of them and our guests, they are not allowed on site.


Folk On The Rocks has Mobility Mat Paths leading from the front gate to the major areas of the festival. These paths are made for folks using mobility assistance equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. They are also for folks who are concerned with tripping on uneven ground. 


If you’d prefer a ride on site, we still have our beloved Mobility Squad who will be driving around on a golf cart all weekend, getting folks with accessibility needs where they need to go. We will post the phone number for the Accessibility Line closer to the Festival. 


We’ve been making improvements around our site to help make the Festival experience more easily accessible. Our Merchandise Booth has a platform for folks using mobility assistance equipment to better reach the counter. Volunteers at our Ticketing Booth will exit the Ticketing Booth to assist when the counter height is a barrier. Volunteers at the Beer Garden will keep an eye out for anyone that needs assistance getting a drink or drink tokens. Accessible porta-potties are available on site. 


Our parking lot isn’t perfect, but we’re doing our best to improve it! Accessible Parking is for individuals who require accessible parking and is located near the Festival's Main Entrance and Volunteer Entrance. There will be signs posted! 


Questions or concerns? We would love to hear from you! Email for all things Accessibility related. We would especially love to hear from you about how the 2023 Festival went and the improvements that we can make for next year. In late July we will be posting our Accessibility Survey here.