30 Things to Do Before FOTR 2021

30 Things to Do Before FOTR 2021

There is offocially less than a month until we will be celebrating the return of live music in the NWT! After a wild year of isolation, FOMO, and questionable pandemic haircuts - we are so excited to return to a bit of the “old normal”. Folk On The Rocks will probably look a little different this year, but it’s a small price to pay to once again soak up the sun with live music. So, in preparation for Folk, here are 30 things you can do to get ready!

1. Listen to the 2021 FOTR Artists Spotify Playlist

2. Pick out your FOTR Festival outfit (the bigger the beaded earrings, the better)

3. Prep a Festival bag (the more fun the print, the more friends you make).

4. Fill your Festival bag with sunscreen, bug spray, and any other essentials.


6. Keep Canadian North at the top of your list for your post-pandemic travel plans. They’ve been a dedicated supporter of the Folk On The Rocks mainstage for years, and deserve all the love you can give them!

7. Sign up to volunteer in one of our many Festival positions.

8. Prepare to use the hashtag #FOTR2021 for all your Folk posts!

9. Come to terms with the knowledge that you will be covered in a layer of sand from the Festival site - and will find more sand in your hair a week later. It’s just part of the experience, friends.

10. Listen to Folk Radio on Cabin Radio on Monday nights at 9pm to hear exclusive interviews with artists, staff, as we talk about the magic of Folk On The Rocks and collective memories we share.

11. Plan on asking your crush to dance. We didn’t survive a global pandemic to NOT shoot our shot.

12. Layer up! We’re still North of 60, and it does get chilly once that sun gets low. Bring a sweater or plan on getting to the FOTR merch booth early to snag one.

13. Prepare to drop some dollars on Artist merch. Post-Pandemic means TONS of new work from so many of our Artists. Show your support!

14. Organize your transportation. Assign a DD, ride your bike, have money for a taxi or plan on taking the Festival Bus to and from the Folk On The Rocks Festival Site.

15. Did we mention that you should volunteer?

16. Read Up on our Safe Space Policy to make sure you know how to contribute to the safe and inclusive environment at Folk On The Rocks.

17. Bring your photo ID for access to the NWT Brewing Beer Garden (Ages 19+ only). They will ID everyone!

18. Make sure your social media bragging to your southern friends stays #humble. They’ve had it rough, friends.

19. Download the Folk On The Rocks 2021 Festival App (Coming Soon!)

20. Pick out a stunning pair of sunglasses to wear during the day while that sun goes strong.

21. Emotionally prepare yourself to develop a crush on at LEAST several FOTR artists this year (I’m already trying to get Baby Brian to call me back).

22. Keep wearing your mask when you’re in public to ensure that NWT is safe enough to host Folk On The Rocks.

23. Bring money to spend on our Food Vendors. Actually, our stomachs are already rumbling just writing this.

24. Follow Folk On The Rocks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to stay up to date on all announcements.

25. If you’re from Southern Canada, confirm with the GNWT Public Health Office if your entry request has been approved, and you have a self-isolation plan.

26. Plan on taking the Friday before Folk afternoon off. There will be free family programming in Somba K'e Civic Plaza from 12-7pm. 

27. VOLUNTEER - trust us, it’s one of the best ways to meet people and enjoy the Festival.

28. Follow FOTR 2021 Artists on the streaming platform of your choice. Nothing makes a Festival better than knowing all the lyrics and singing along.

29. Pack a water bottle to make sure you’re hydrated all weekend long. We have refillable stations across the site!