Apply for FOTR's Artist In Residency Program

Apply for FOTR's Artist In Residency Program

Folk on the Rocks, in partnership with Heritage Canada, is proud to announce its new Artist in Residency Program (AIR Program). This November, we will work to bring up a songwriter for a month-long stay in Yellowknife, located in Chief Drygeese territory and home to the Yellowknife Dene First Nations. The goal of this program is to create an opportunity for inspiration and discovery while exposing people to the beauty and lifestyle of the Northwest Territories.

During their stay, the artist will have the chance to participate in northern culture while collaborating with northern musicians to enhance their practice. The artist will work with a different, local musician(s) to create material for presentation. Every week will end with a showcase, highlighting the work done by the chosen applicant and the local musician(s) partnered up with for that given week. Each showcase will be open to the public at the Art Space room in the Makerspace building, for all ages to view. Please see section 1 for the goals of the AIR program.

We encourage applications from songwriters and song creators of diverse communities and backgrounds. We will work to support the needs of our successful applicants, so please let us know of any accommodations you need during the application process or the residency itself that are not mentioned below.

This program is open to songwriters/song creators with professional practice at any
stage in their career (established, mid-career, and emerging). Consideration will be given to
all musical genres, and participation is not limited to traditional lyric-based songwriting.

Residency participants are expected to:

  • Spend the month of November in Yellowknife actively working/researching their
  • craft.
  • Perform four public concerts.
  • Collaborate with local musicians, be it organized through Folk on the Rocks or the
  • artist.
  • Facilitate one outreach opportunity to promote the skillsharing, engagement or
    professional development in the community.
  • Abide by the Folk on the Rocks code of conduct, while also being approachable,
    considerate, and culturally respectful during their stay in the city.
  • Be open to new ideas and practices, with a willingness to share their own experience and skill set.

Folk on the Rocks Provides

  • Access to accommodations and basic studio space.
  • Performance fee for 4 concerts.
  • Travel to and from Yellowknife.
  • Per the artist's request, access to professional development opportunities and
  • workshops within the community.
  • Access to gear and audio equipment.

Application Process
Applications must include:

  • Name.
  • Current place of residence.
  • Contact information.
  • Links and/or files to your existing music, a live performance, online presence (e.g.
  • website, social media.)
  • A brief bio and description of your performance history (Max. 500 words.)
  • A brief proposal, describing the self-directed work you’ll be doing while in Yellowknife,
  • including the theme, gear required, and ways you’ll work to engage with the
  • community (Max. 500 words)

Deadline: September 16, 2022 at 11:59pm MST
*Digital Submissions only please

Fill out the application below.

Fill out my online form.


Selection Process
A selection committee made up of Folk on the Rocks staff, and board members will assess each applicant on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated professional practice (e.g performance history, recorded music, videos, online presence, other.)
  • Artistic work that resonates with the interests of Folk on the Rocks.
  • Openness to collaboration and experimentation.
  • Suitability of proposed self-directed work to the program and facilities.
  • Suitability and originality of ways you'll engage the community.
  • The selected artist will be notified by October 3, 2022.

Scope and Details

1. Goals of the AIR Program

  • To provide professional artists/songwriters with resources and connections to research, create and explore new avenues for their talent. Be it through the production of new material/completion of old material, honing skills and fostering new ones, or preparing materials or other subject matter related to their practice.
  • To introduce visiting artists to Yellowknife in a non-appropriative and respectful manner.
  • To provide an outreach activity such as a workshop, or talk intended to promote interaction, foster an appreciation and understanding of songwriting, music, and the arts in general in the Northwest Territories.
  • To strengthen the connections of artists in the Northwest Territories through collaboration and skill sharing.
  • To provide Yellowknife with access and exposure to contemporary Canadian music.

2. Residency Dates

  • The AIR Program will take place between November 1st and November 30th.
  • The applicant must be available for the whole month of November.

3. Fees

  • Artists will be paid performer fees for 4 concerts put on during the month of November, dates to be discussed between the artists, Folk on the Rocks, and the Makerspace YK. The payment for each show will be paid $1500. Payment schedule to be decided.
  • A per diem of $2000 every two weeks, on the 7th and the 21st of November.

4. Travel & Accommodation

  • Folk on the Rocks will cover travel for the artist to and from Yellowknife, including 1 piece of luggage.
  • Folk on the Rocks will work to cover accommodation for the artist during the program's operation in Yellowknife (November 1st to 30th.)

5. Self-Directed Work

  • The artists are expected to arrive, prepared to work and live in the north for the month of November. Side work on top of this experience may be permitted, as long as it doesn’t interfere with obligations made to Folk on the Rocks and its Artist in residency Program.
  • Self-directed work is at the pace of the artist. Folk on the Rocks will give space and time for the artist to explore their work, while providing a space and gear to promote this.

6. Performance

  • The artist will perform 4 public events during their residency at the Makerspace building. The performance dates will be organized ahead of time by Folk on the Rocks and Makerspace. Each performance should be no less than 40 minutes in length.

7. Outreach

  • The artist will lead and engage the community in an outreach project. This project could include songwriting, music business, or a DIY recording workshop, for example. Folk on the Rocks will work with the artist in their dream for what a workshop could look like, but artists are encouraged to explore various ways to engage the local music community.
  • Folk on the Rocks will also work with the artist to create learning opportunities that they are looking to explore more. After the selection process, the chosen applicant will chat with the Artist in Residency Coordinator to organize professional development opportunities for both the artist and community to explore. This is outside of the artists led workshop mentioned above.

8. Additional Performances and Outreach

  • During their stay, the artist may book performances and other outreach events in Yellowknife with the approval of Folk on the Rocks.
  • Performances and outreach events outside of Yellowknife will need to be
  • booked on a case by case basis.
  • Any outside event must not interfere with the commitments made with the
  • Artist in Residency program.

9. Code of Conduct

  • Folk on the Rocks is committed to providing a harassment free work environment that promotes dignity and respect in the community. Taking part in this program means you’ll adhere to the Folk on the Rocks Safer Spaces Policy to continue to respect and engage with the audience, staff, volunteers, participants and communities in Chief Drygeese territory.

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Any questions, please get in touch directly with Taylor Shephard, Artist in Residency Coordinator, who can be reached via email at