Folk On The Rocks is going to the dogs

Folk On The Rocks is going to the dogs


Folk On The Rocks is excited to announce a new addition to our Festival lineup. For many years, our policy has been that dogs are not allowed on site during the Festival, and we know that it is often difficult for our four-legged friends to miss out on all the fun. 

This year, we’ve decided to host a one-night only pre-festival just for all Yellowknife dogs. “Fur On The Rocks” as we are calling it, will be dogs-only with no hoomans allowed on site during this event, except for Festival artists. Canine ticket holders will have free range to all Festival areas, except for the NWT Brewing Beer Garden as we still must follow NWT Liquor Legislation which requires all Beer Garden patrons be aged 19+ or older (As it stands there is no “dog years clause” in the legislation).

The artist line-up for Fur On The Rocks will be announced in early May, alongside the artist line-up for Yellowknife’s hooman counterparts. Festival organizers are hopeful that this event will also be a way for artists to ease back into performing. After a year of lockdowns, and only singing into a camera, a friendly and enthusiastic dog audience is just what we need to transition..

“We recognize that Fur On The Rocks has the potential for utter chaos, but it’s a risk we’re willing to take to make this event happen.” Says Folk On The Rocks Executive and Artistic Director, Carly McFadden. “We know how much Yellowknife loves their dogs, so we’re just really happy to give back in any way we can.”

During this time, city cats are being asked to come out for Folk’s volunteer base, as it was determined by Festival Organizers that their personalities will keep the potentially rowdy rovers in line. However, unlike our exceptional and dedicated hooman volunteer base, there are some considerations surrounding the indecisiveness of the cats to fulfil their volunteer commitments.


Tickets for Fur On The Rocks go on sale at at 11:59pm MT.