Folk On The Rocks to host 19+ Zombie Apocalypse Camp

Folk On The Rocks to host 19+ Zombie Apocalypse Camp

Yellowknife – On July 17, Folk On The Rocks (FOTR) will host the North’s first-ever 19+ Zombie Apocalypse Camp once the curtains close on this year’s music festival, which runs July 14 to 16. 

After three days of music, fun, and bad decisions, we’ve saved the worst decision for last: a mock zombie apocalypse for Adult Weekend pass holders. Upon entering the FOTR grounds, participants will be placed on either the survivalist or zombie team depending on their ability to walk upright and speak coherently, which will be exceptionally challenging after three days of drinking local brews under the Midnight Sun. 

If you’ve seen the news, you know we’re just one bad tweet away from Armageddon, so to prep you for our uncertain future, we’ll be offering various workshops: training you in archery so you can hunt from afar; baseball-bat-swinging so you can hunt from up close; and flame-throwing so you can take out hoards or cook your salvaged can of baked beans.

Participants will learn how to build shelters from scraps left behind by festival goers, and if previous festivals are any indication, we’ll have plenty of materials to choose from. Participants will also be asked to trade in their TikTok dances for zombie movement classes and festival makeup looks for flesh-dripping prosthetics. For the more traditional survivalist, an interpretive dance class led by students from the Bella Dance Academy will be offered.

Once battle lines are drawn, the zombie vs. survivalist combat will commence. Owl Pass holders will get extra perks including additional ammunition, the ability to dual-wield, and entry to the presidential bunker suites, accessed through the festival’s five stages. Mystery caches will be scattered throughout the grounds,  filled with fun prizes including a Twilight DVD signed by Robert Pattinson(‘s brother), a chunk of brain from a 90’s pop star, and a gift card for one free water at any restaurant in Yellowknife.

The losing team will clean the festival grounds with a toothbrush. The winning team will be awarded with NWT Brewing Co. beers and the satisfaction of coming out the other side of a zombie apocalypse. Bring the people you trust the most (or the people you don’t mind leaving behind). 

More details to come.



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